Thank you to all who attended our first show! Do you have a question or comment on this year’s show? Do you have any suggestions for next year’s show?

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  1. Hooray, hooray for you! I and two buddies in our local RC club are already making plans to attend in 2022. Going to the old Toledo show was such an eagerly awaited event that we are very anxious to support your effort. We hail from State College, PA and our club is the State College Radio Club ( Anything we can do from afar to help?

    Al Jones

    1. Thanks Al! Thanks for all the kind words. The best thing you can do right now to help is…SPREAD THE WORD! We are already starting to plan for next year’s event on April 1st and 2nd. Not sure exactly what it will look like…but can 100% promise you that both a swap meet and commercial vendors will be involved.

  2. Hi Henry
    My Park Pilot column coverage of you swap meet is finally out.
    If you need a photocopy of the column please let me know
    Take care

    1. Hey Don…LOVED YOUR ARTICLE! We so much appreciate your stopping by and promoting something we all love! Thanks for what you do with this fantastic hobby!


  3. Valley View RC here, I cannot navigate this web page. I find the area for the swappers to sigh up but not dealers?
    Also you charging $70 for end tables?? almost 3 times as much as regular tables. Are Vender tables more than swap meet

    1. Hey Tom…I remember the name Valley View RC from last year! My apologies for the miscommunication. We are currently adjusting our website so that it will have current information. It was a major overhaul…should be complete by Jan. 1. Here will be a sign-up for both swappers and anyone who wants a premium booth with curtains and prime location…just like last year.

      The following is the text that will be added to the website explaining end caps:
      End of Aisle / End Cap Tables – $70 / Day
      This consists of 2 (TWO) 8ā€™ tables across from one another, in a large space on an aisle.
      This space provides the perfect opportunity for you to add a table or two running along the aisle itself, creating a nice ā€œUā€ shape of three or four tables.
      You are more than welcome to fill this space however you wish, including bringing in your own tables.

      Basically…for an extra $20 per day, you are able to put a table or two (either what you bring or rent from us) so that it truly is an endcap of 3 or four tables. It can be closed or open..your choice. Regular tables are still $25/…and with the end cap you will be provided two tables, two admissions, and two sets of raffle tickets. Vendor booth start at $125 this year which includes a curtained, 10x10x10 space.

      I hope this helps…any more questions…you can post here are call me direct…330-419-2029.

      One of our main goals is to keep the cost of a table at $25…but also providing additional space at a small price.

      Happy Flying!


  4. Was looking forward to attending your show until I saw the daily $25 charge for a table, $10 ticket, charge for parking….wow

    1. Hey Michael. Quick clarification…it is $25 per table, but with each table you do receive one free admission. My apologies, but we can’t control the parking situation. If you have any other questions, just give me a call….330-419-2029

    1. Hey Michael…we are still finalizing everything…my apologies. The FACEBOOK post is for last year’s show…I will get a new one created pronto…appreciate the heads up on that! The dates are April 1 and 2.

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