April 1 - 2, 2022
SeaGate Convention Centre
401 Jefferson Ave, Toledo, OH 43604


Stay tuned to this website for the 2022 Vendor Application

Any thoughts, questions or recommendations email:

Be sure to stay informed by following this website.

We get swappers, clubs, organizations and manufacturers all signing up for this event!

29 thoughts on “Vendors

    1. Hey George. We will have access to a drive-up ramp in the loading dock area, and we will also be able to use the elevator from the parking garage under Seagate like years past. If you have any other questions, just ask.

    1. I will adjust that time…the hours for Friday’s are 9-5 with Fun Fly 7-10 and then the hours for Saturday’s swap are 9-2 with the auction starting a short time there after. Can’t wait!

    1. Hey Rich…set-up will begin at 8:00 AM on Thursday. We will be contacting you about a week out with more specific procedures and your actual booth location. Any other questions…just ask.

        1. Hey Richard. I have you with ONE (1) table located on the left side of the main floor several booths down. My notes tell me you are with MECA. Once you arrive at the Seagate Center, just stop by the registration counter and pick up your packet including exact table location. Your lucky…your booth is just several down from mine…Hank’s Hobby Hangar!

      1. Hi Henry, I’m trying to find a person that was selling his planes at a table at this past weekends show. Is it possible to find this seller with a floor plane list or something? I appreciate any help. Thank you. John

    1. Hey Roger…you can register for a table by clicking on the VEDNOR LINK located on the home page of this website.

        1. Hey Roger…I just checked. We did receive a check from you in the amount of $25. I am just not sure what day you want a table. Once you arrive at the Seagate Centre, we can sort that out…no problems. Hank

  1. I am getting the impression of this being a hugh flee market. If retail venders are coming would it be possible to post some of them to give us an idea who will be there. for instance will AMA be there, IRCHA, Riches brew, Sig, Dubro, Futaba, Battery America, just to name a few..The flee market part is just an added bonus, but i sure like to visit the AMA booth..Hope to see you there, thx. garyh

    1. Hey Gary…thanks for the great advice. If you take a look at the home page of our website we just posted the vendors and professional organizations who will be in attendance thus far. This is something we should have started on the website in the beginning. Next year…we will keep a running list. Again…appreciate the advice.

  2. Will vendors receive door, raffle and admission tickets by mail in-advance or at the door during set up? I sent in my payment through your electronic method and would like to know my table assignment in-advance will this be e-mailed in the near future?

    1. Hey Ron…vendors will receive everything once they arrive at the Seagate Centre and check in with registration.

        1. Hey Ron…that is a question I have been asked multiple times thus far. This year, we are building the Toledo R/C Swap Meet from the ground up…and everybody loves a good ole’ swap meet! Going forward…static displays may be part of the event…we just don’t know yet. We will spend a lot of time gathering information from vendors and swappers alike to see what draws them to events like this. If we find that lots of people would love a competition for static display models…then next year, that would definitely be something we would look at. The Toledo R/C Swap Meet was started by four swap guys who wanted to keep the excitement alive. There’s no telling what year things might look like. I do know one thing…their will be a next year! Hank

    2. In regards to table assignment, I will try to let you know where you are located in advance. I am still currently working on that, trying to accommodate all requests as well as preparing the back space for the Fun Fly Friday night.

  3. we booked a room at the hotel you guys had set up for us, and they only have valet parking for 22.00 a day. is there by any chance going to be a shuttle to and from the seagate or are we going to have to pay for double parking.. just a thought on the shuttle.

    1. Hey Gary…my apologies for the delay in my response. I kept checking the website…didn’t realize I needed to be logged in as an administrator. I totally understand what you are talking about. We went with this hotel because it is not only a top quality hotel…it is the closest. Saying that…their parking situation is a bit odd. We did discuss a shuttle but at this time, the hotel nor Seagate was interested in providing one because of the the current situation with COVID-19. Our solution is calling an Uber and taking that to the Seagate Centre. Several weeks ago when we were doing our practice run, our Uber ride from the hotel to the Seagate Center main entrance (glass doors) was just over $4. I wish I had a better solution, but that’s the best I got at this time. Next year, if the you continue to partner with this hotel, we will work on other solutions as I am sure things will be a bit different in regards to COVID regulations.

  4. Hello sent my check in about three weeks ago it has not been cashed yet will i have a table ? thanks greg

    1. Hey Greg…my apologies for the delay in my response. I kept checking the website…didn’t realize I needed to be logged in as an administrator. I have you penciled in for ONE (1) table for both days. When you arrive at the Seagate Centre, please stop by the registration counter and pick up your packet which includes table location. See you at the swap!

  5. Would like to reserve a table for Saturday for the swap meet or is it first come first serve only

    1. Hey David…just sent you an email. We have some tables left…can take Paypal which was included in the email. Any other questions…just give me a call – 330.419.2029

    1. Hey Tony…hope all is well. Thursday, Vendor set-up starts at 8:00 AM. Sorry for the confusion…this is our first time putting on an event like this. See you at the swap! Hank

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