Swapper / Vendor Table Registration

Table(s) – $25 / Table / Day 

  • Each table measures 8’ in length and comes with 1 (ONE) chair. 
  • You are encouraged to purchase as many tables as you need.
  • You are more than welcome to fill this space however you wish, including bringing in your own tables. 

End of Aisle / End Cap Tables – $70 / Day 

  • This consists of 2 (TWO) 8’ tables across from one another, in a large space on an aisle.
  • This space provides the perfect opportunity for you to add a table or two running along the aisle itself, creating a nice “U” shape of three or four tables. 
  • You are more than welcome to fill this space however you wish, including bringing in your own tables. 

Wall space(s) can be requested on the digital reservation form (at no additional cost) and will be filled on a first come – first serve basis until they are gone. 

Additional 8’ tables can be rented for $15.00. (Make sure to request extra table(s) on the digital reservation form.) 

Anyone wishing to have electricity located at their booth(s) will pay an additional $60, which is exactly what Seagate charges for single hook-ups at all events. (Make sure to request an electrical drop on the digital reservation form.) 

1 (ONE) FREE ADMISSION is included with each table purchased. 

5 (FIVE) FREE RAFFLE TICKETS are included with each table purchased. Make sure to visit the Raffle Booth so that you can select what prize bin(s) you want to put your raffle tickets in. Additional tickets can also be purchased at the booth. 

All swappers/vendors are strongly encouraged to reserve booth(s) by Friday, March 18th, 2022. 

Unloading Procedures for Swappers and Vendors 

Early swapper/vendor staging and set-up begins on Thursday, March 31st, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. 

The day of swapper/vendor staging and set-up are Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd, 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM.

Loading docks, glass doors by the staircase near the swap meet main entrance, and the elevators can be used to enter the Seagate Centre. 

Upon entering the Seagate Centre go directly to the registration table just inside the main entrance and pick up your admission wristbands and raffle tickets. 

Admission wristbands must be worn to enter the main area of the Seagate Centre after official check in. (Wristbands for both Friday and Saturday will be provided.) 

Members of the Valley City R/C Club and other support staff will be available to help you unload your swap meet merchandise and locate your table space(s). 

Trailer parking will be available and payable directly to the lot attendant. Smaller trailers can be parked in the underground parking garage directly below the Seagate Centre. Coffee, other drinks, and breakfast treats will be available for purchase during all vendor staging and set-up times.

Swapper/Vendor Table Reservation Form

2022 Vendors